Bancard Payment Systems has been processing card payments for a broad spectrum of merchant industry types in all 50 states for 35 years. With a wide array of products solutions, merchants in Retail, Restaurant, eCommerce, Wholesale, wireless, and mobile call BPS their home. 

Bancard Payment provides merchants with the choice or several different types of traditional terminals, multiple Retail and Restaurant POS solutions, multiple Virtual Terminal/ eCommerce solutions, many mobile/wireless solutions and the “best in class” technical support. Since 1987 BPS has been perfecting the “Boutique processor” model and now their merchants are reaping the benefits.

New COVID Business Hours!! Our Plano Sales/Support office will be open Mon. – Fri. 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

After Hours Support Team will be available 4:00 pm – 9:00 am Mon. – Fri. & Sat./Sun. 24 hours


Fraud attacks are on the rise and our Risk Management department warns merchants to use caution when accepting unsolicited telephone and internet orders.

Fraudsters will often contact merchants via email using generic g-mail, hotmail or yahoo email addresses. The fraudster executes a scheme by providing unsuspecting merchants with card numbers that are not theirs. Most sales are very large and are not typical for your normal course of business.

It is commonly requested that the product be shipped out of the country by the most expeditious means possible. If you do not normally receive foreign orders, that is a red flag to contact us before you run the transaction and ship the item.

Beware of customers who request money wires for shipping costs or to insure the product to be shipped.

Do not allow anyone to update or reprogram your credit card terminal unless you have initiated a change to your account, such as a name or address change. Protect your personal and business information.

If you are ever in doubt, please contact the customer service phone number listed below.

972-783-7200 (inside DFW)/ 866-783-7200 (outside DFW)

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